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Rajagala Prehistoric Archaeological Project, Sri Lanka; 3-20 September 2016

– Dry-sieved sediments from trenches and sorted them for lithics, pottery and other artefacts.

– Conducted flotation for separating charcoal from sediments which were either sent for laboratory analysis or wet-sieved and sun-dried to sort out lithics.

– Trained in the basic skills of using Dumpy Levels and Total Stations. I also drafted non-digital maps of the site on grid paper.

– Contributed to writing the preliminary archaeological report for the project.

National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore; Intern, 1-31 July 2016

– Employed satellite images to study past settlement patterns of early medieval Delhi to find potential old structures (fort walls/ moats) that have since been destroyed by artificial and natural elements or are buried underground.

Investigated, with my team, twelfth century temple sites of Badami Caves and Aihole for ground validation of another ongoing remote sensing project on the same.

Narmada Valley Environmental Archaeology Project, India; June 2016

– Surveyed banks of the Narmada palaeochannel for Acheulian stone artefacts and Pleistocene fossils in the context of fluvial geomorphology.

– Excavated potential Palaeolithic/Lower Pleistocene sites in the modern villages of Panwasa and Bikor, Madhya Pradesh.

The Hindu; Intern, 16 July-16 August 2013

Project 1: Monuments

-Researched, cultivated contacts, interviewed heritage walkers and conservationists (most notably Vikramjit Singh Rooprai and Swapna Liddle, Co-convener, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Delhi Chapter, authorities and locals to find lost monuments.

-As a follow up to the above, wrote about them in The Hindu which led to their refurbishment.

Project 2: Cleanliness/Public Conveniences

– Documented public conveniences, especially in the North Delhi area, and wrote about their being unusable for women and differently abled.

-Interviewed municipal council authorities regarding their plans and actions in the past, the future and the roadblocks they faced. I then included their viewpoints in my article.  

Project 3: Miscellaneous Reporting

– Covered panel discussions on information security, data protection, cultural events and radio shows

I have been an avid writer since my schooldays, although my platforms of expression keep changing. I have written over seventy letters and articles in national newspapers and magazines on various issues from society, politics, economics, literature etc.


The Hindu (letters + articles): 34+6

Frontline (letters): 28

National Geographic Traveller (letters): 1

Economic and Political Weekly (letters): 1

These days, I write a lot on Quora and on my website.

English and Hindi: fully proficient in writing and speaking.

Sanskrit: moderate reading/writing and elementary speaking proficiency

Joint Conference 2015 by Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies (ISPQS) and Indian Culture and History Society (ICHS); 17-20 December 2015 at University of Hyderabad.

1. Damayanti Pathak Memorial Award for Meritorious Student for 2013-14 by Department of History, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi

2. First Rank in University of Delhi Common Journalism Entrance Test (CJET) 2011